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B&N Legal Interpreting is a full-service interpretation and translation company. We can provide you with solutions to all of your foreign language needs. We serve the entire New York City, Tri-State area, and beyond. Our areas of expertise include, but not limited to, legal, healthcare, life sciences, business, insurance, government and education.

In addition to providing on-site interpretation and translation, we can provide assistance via phone conferences, video remote interpreting, and translating recorded materials and written documentation. We can also provide American Sign Language interpreters. Our professionals will meet your time frame and always provide high-quality service. Our reputation depends on it.


What may seem frustrating to you very well could be a piece of cake for those on our team. We offer expert translation solutions for more than 200 foreign languages. Whether you need something simply read and explained or you need it transcribed and documented, we have you covered. Our team of experts is highly experienced, thorough, and accurate. Our translation services are available in the New York City area and beyond.

Sign Language

Often overlooked, yet a solution many need, American Sign Language (ASL) is a service we are proud to offer. There are nearly two million people in the U.S. using sign language on a regular basis. Whether you need sign language services for your next conference, speech, or meeting, our team of professionals can assist you along the way. Our team is fluent in using ASL and can provide you with the solutions you need.


We can bridge the gap between languages with the assistance of our expert interpreters. With the ability to provide interpretation of more than 200 languages from around the world, we have you covered. Our certified interpreters have the experience and expertise you need. Our team of professionals provides reliable and trustworthy interpretation solutions for all.

Telephonic Interpretation

Whether you have a conference call, one-on-one inquiry or something else, we can help with all of your over-the-phone interpreting needs. Serving more than 200 languages, we have the ability to help with all the telephone interpretation needs you may have.


When it comes to translating interactive, print, or digital materials you want to put your trust in B & N Legal Interpreting. Our team of experienced project managers and professional translators can assist you with a variety of projects, including website, software, and audio localization. We will ensure the materials are culturally relevant and represent your company as you intended them to.


Choosing the right service provider for your audiovisual projects is important. Those who will be reviewing them rely on accurate and timely information. We are well experienced in providing audiovisual assistance, including for projects such as voice-over and subtitling.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video remote interpreting provides you with the same professional and skilled interpreters that you have in face-to-face situations. We offer video remote interpreting of over 200 languages, including American Sign Language. Video remote interpreting is a cost-effective yet highly professional route to having your interpretation needs met.